Registration Is Now Closed

Players must be 16 years of age by day of the Tournament and parents must sign waiver for any player under 18 years of age.

When registration and payment have been received, the Team Contact will receive an email with a LINK to a Signup Genius. The Team Contact can either enter the information for each member or share the link with the team. If you choose to share the Signup Genius then each Teams Members will need to make a free account with Signup Genius.

Registration Deadline and last day to complete Signup Genius is March 25, 2022.

Any Signup Genius not complete with sizes will have random sizes assigned.

Please read the Kickin for a Cause 2022 Tournament rules below in addition to the rules of play.

  1. Teams will receive one shirt per registered player (12) and one (1) extra shirt for one alternate player, for a total of 13 shirts. 
  2. Players will sign the official Team waiver upon arrival at the Tournament and no one other than those on the official Team waiver may play. 
  3. Each team is allowed 12 players and may use those members in any combination (according to the official rules) during the tournament.
  4. Each team may bring in one (1) alternate player to relieve one (1) player who will then leave the tournament.  The alternate must sign the official Alternate waiver at the registration desk and declare as an alternate before taking the field.
  5. Once the alternate is in place, any other players who leave the tournament may not be replaced and the team will be required to play short to continue.

Any team substituting players not on the official Team waiver or official Alternate waiver will be disqualified and eliminated from the Tournament.



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